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Restaurants that are one of the most important needs of our holidays and daily life cover a large part of our lives. Meals served at hotels; made with clean, high quality products, it should be fresh. It is inevitable that second-degree restaurants will have a bad impact on both human health and customer satisfaction. Cappadocia Restaurant( Cappadocia Restaurant) located in our hotel is working hard to ensure the best quality of the services it offers to accommodate our valued customers and families in the best way. Our restaurant, which can be reached in a very short time at Fairy Chimneys, is an ideal choice to stop by during your trips and eat delicious food. Meals that appeal to all kinds of people and diets are available for you in our menu. Our meals prepared with our organic products and suitable for every taste taste help our guests who come for a tourist trip to get to know the local food. Many dishes in the desired and desired region are presented to you in the most delicious and clean way, and hygiene is never ignored. Cappadocia Restaurant, which provides service within certain hours, works hard for your satisfaction. In order to fulfill all your wishes, a crowded and friendly team is behind it. The satisfaction of all our employees and our valued guests is very important and valuable for us Cappadocia Aravan Boutique Hotel Cappadocia Restaurant menu in Ayvalı Village offers vegan and vegetarian options. Our food, which adapts and appeals to all forms of nutrition, is extremely tasty. Our customers who do not want to wait in our restaurant, which is very busy due to high demand, can use our booking opportunity by telephone. There are tables in the courtyard for guests who want to eat outside, and we always think the outdoor option is a good idea. In winter, you can eat in a relaxed and peaceful setting by sipping your wine in a warm atmosphere inside our restaurant. If you are looking for a hotel with panoramic atmosphere and a restaurant where you can easily chat with your family in a clean, reliable environment, we welcome you to Cappadocia Restaurant. If you would like to learn about the booking, price information and menu, you can contact us to learn more about any subject.