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Nos repas sont tous préparés dans le four nommé tandir. (Le four cylindrique en terre cuite.)
La soupe de du blé concassé
Les fameux feuilles de vignes farcies
Haricots secs (cassoulets)
Feuilleté au fromage
L'aubergine farcis
güveç (les légumes oignons ailes la viande sauce de tomate aubergine)
Kuzu gerdan

Comme dessert:
kayisi yahnisi : abricot séché farci avec de la noix
aside: la farine mélangée avec pekmez ( jus de raisin bouilli )
Stuffed vine in olive oil
haricot beans
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March 2009

A midday feast awaits at the family-run restaurant Aravan Evi. Sit under a grapevine-covered pergola and admire the whitewashed hamlet of Ayvali. The cooking here is wonderfully homey Turkish fare made by the wife of the owner: bulgur wedding soup, white beans in tomato sauce, and lamb stews cooked in a tandir, a traditional earthen oven.

Frommer`s by Lynn Levine
2nd Edition, 2002,

               The concept is really appealing, and the atmosphere -- the terrace of a renovated village home in summer and two cozy and carpeted Oriental-style dining rooms in crisper weather -- is delightful. The concept of Aravan (the ancient Hittite name for the village) revolves around the tandr, a small cooking pit and the traditional mode of food preparation for Turks for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The four-course meal consists of home-style recipes all prepared in the pit, from the bulgur "wedding soup," to the kuru fasulye (white beans in a tomato sauce), to the guveç (here, a succulent lamb stew). Salad and stuffed grape leaves accompany the meal, which is followed by a dessert of either fresh village apricots or local helva.

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Aravan Evi
Ayvalý Köyü Ürgüp Cappadocia / Turkey
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