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Useful Tips
The climate of Capadoccia is continental: Summers are hot and sunny but the altitude provides cool nights. At winter time, climate is cold and the fairy chimneys are totally metamorphosed when covered with snow.

Geographically located in the center of the country, Cappadocia is a mountain area that was created from a series of volcanic eruptions. Capadoccia is famous for his "fairy chimneys", sort of strange shaped rocks (tuff rocks) sculpted by the erosion work. Thereby, this natural exception allowed Cappadocia to be member of the UNESCO world patrimony.

GMT+3 hours (April-September)
GMT+2 hours (October-March)
Same time period for all of Turkey.

220 volts AC/50 Hz. all over Turkey. (Industrial:380 V) Plug: European round/ 2-prong plug.
Below you can find maps of Turkey, Cappadocia and Urgup, click thumbnails to enlarge them in new browser.


Cappadocia is a land of spectacular beauty.
Cappadocia is famous for its magnificent natural beauty and outdoor attractions. Visiting Cappadocia, the land of a thousand caves, churches and underground cities, is an opportunity to step back in time and experience the Asia Minor of old. Cappadocia is home to archaeological treasures, great natural beauty, colorful rock formations and a people who are among the kindest and loveliest to be found anywhere.
Come explore the monasteries, underground cities and valleys of Cappadocia.
The name Cappadocia probably derives from the Persian “Katpatukya”, meaning “ the land of the beautiful horses”. It is a land of vast plains, rolling hills, rugged mountains and extinct volcanoes. It is a veritable treasury of historical relics from the Chalcolithic era to the Seljuk Turks period. The visitor may seldom travel more then a few miles without encountering some derelict reminders of Cappadocia‘s colorful past.

Cappadocia Hotels 

Aravan Evi
Ayvali Köyü Ürgüp Cappadocia / Turkey
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